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Professional Tattoo Artist 

My name is Natalie DeBruhl


I draw. I animate. I tattoo. 


       When I was a kid my parents stuck me in front of the TV and turned on Nickelodeon. I was amazed by the all the cartoons and the fantastical style of all the characters. I wanted to be able to bring that kind of personality and skill into all my work, including on the skin! My artistic flair is very inspired by shows like the og Teen Titans, The Last Airbender, The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy, etc. 


      I have a bachelor's degree in fine art with a concentration in graphic design. I love my color when it comes to my artwork! I aim to improve my craft with every piece I work on! 


Professional Tattoo Artist 


Professional Tattoo Artist 

Heyyo my name is Summer Roberts. I started tattooing in 2020, I enjoy realism, anime, fine line, and illustrative styles. I love animals and spend most of my time watching anime and relaxing at home with my daughter. I look forward to doing some amazing art for you!



Professional Tattoo Artist 


Professional Piercer

Hello! My name is Abbie, piercing has been my pride and passion for going on two years now. I am always looking to make the memorable experience of getting a piercing comfortable, professional, and fun!



Professional Tattoo Artist 

Spencer Smallwood

Spencer Smallwood
Founder and Professional Tattoo/Piercing Artist

     I have no larger-than-life story or list of grand victories - but my journey has barely begun. My childhood, like many others, was filled with superheroes and comic books. Growing up in a small town, there were few people around who had tattoos and piercings. As soon as tattoo television came around, I was hooked. As I watched these shows, I had no idea that this would be my life.

     I started my journey in body modification in 2009 with nothing but determination and love for this great industry. When I started off, the local area standards seemed to not have changed much in 15 years. I opened Heavy Metal to bring the highest standards in body modification to Burke county. I treat every tattoo or piercing with as much care as a medical procedure.

     I love all styles of tattooing, but recently I'm leaning towards a new school approach. I'm up for nearly anything, though. Being asked to make such a permanent change to a client's body is a true honor for me.

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