Spencer Smallwood

Spencer Smallwood
Founder and Professional Tattoo/Piercing Artist

     I have no larger-than-life story or list of grand victories - but my journey has barely begun. My childhood, like many others, was filled with superheroes and comic books. Growing up in a small town, there were few people around who had tattoos and piercings. As soon as tattoo television came around, I was hooked. As I watched these shows, I had no idea that this would be my life.

     I started my journey in body modification in 2009 with nothing but determination and love for this great industry. When I started off, the local area standards seemed to not have changed much in 15 years. I opened Heavy Metal to bring the highest standards in body modification to Burke county. I treat every tattoo or piercing with as much care as a medical procedure.

     I love all styles of tattooing, but recently I'm leaning towards a new school approach. I'm up for nearly anything, though. Being asked to make such a permanent change to a client's body is a true honor for me.


Professional Tattoo Artist 

Thomas Lee

Professional Tattoo Artist 

Lee Chapo

Professional Tattoo Artist 

I’m Aaron Ray aka Leë Chapø. I have been tattooing for 3 years altogether, 2 years professionally. I’m fully self taught artist, and I enjoy Chicano work, Lettering, black and gray work. But will do everything other than realism and portraits. I have 4 kids an amazing wife. I love my family, tattooing, and anyone that knows me anything with an engine and it’s got to be a Honda.


Professional Piercer